Isabel Coixet

Isabel Coixet – Patron
Isabel (born in Barcelona on 1960) is one of the most prolific female film directors of contemporary Spain, having directed seven feature-length films since the beginning of her film career in 1988. Her distinct visual style secure the “multifaceted (she directs, writes, produces and acts)” filmmaker’s status as a “auteur”. Isabel started filming when she was given a 8mm camera on the occasion of her First Communion and made her debut in 1988 as a scriptwriter and director in “Demasiado Viejo Para Morir Joven.” In 1996, she made her first feature in English: “Things I Never Told You” (Cosas que nunca te dije). Which was proceed by the spanish “A los que aman” (1998), the international succes “My life without you” (2003), “The secret life of words” (2005) a piece in “Paris, je t’aime” (2006), “Elegy” (2008), “Map of the sounds of Tokio” (2009) and “Ayer no termina nunca” (2013) Panda Eyes (2014), “Learning to drive” and “Nobody wants the night” (2015). Apart from the feature films, Isabel has filmed and produced several documentaries as “Escuchando al Juez Garzon”.