Who hasn’t felt out of place at least once throughout his or her lifetime?


Defining one’s own identity by defining the other’s identity has become both a milestone and a founding principle in engaging, perceiving and shaping one’s relationship with one’s environment. This fact contributes to the division and deepening of gaps while it also hinders us from the possibility of dialogue with communities and cultures that exist around us but are different from us.


The absence of dialogue and acquaintance fuels the hatred and alienation. In an age where the problem of refugees and immigrants is spreading all around the world, we are seeking to open a window onto that feeling of displacement- the feeling of being Out of Place- and create a variety of faces and voices through films from all over the globe, films which will help evoke the similarities rather then the differences. That’s our vision.


The Gesher Multicultural Film Fund is playing a central and significant role in promoting filmmaking that deals with social and cultural issues. As the screen has the power to lead and to serve as a catalyst for social change, GMFF created the OUT OF PLACE framework to put this mission into action.

I believe that by providing the window onto the variety of cultural and social groups OUT OF PLACE will aspire to break down stereotypes and advance dialogue between different communities and identities