Official kick-off for OUT OF PLACE in Germany: On April 4th, 2016 all German OUT OF PLACE filmmakers met at the German-Israeli Future Forum’s (DIZF) offices in Berlin-Kreuzberg with their mentors Bettina Blümner and Uli Gaulke for a first session.

Elke Lehrenkrauss and her cinematographer Christoph Rohrscheidt presented their project MOONLIGHT PRINCESS about a 19-year old girl suffering from albinism. Johanna Sunder-Plassmann and Tama Tobias Macht let the group peak into their protagonist’s world as a homeless man at the airport in Cologne (THOUGHTS OF A BUM). Syllas Tzoumerkas and his editor Kathrin Dietzel praised the seven heroes and heroines of their MANIFESTO FOR THE UN-COMMUNAL. Agniia Galdanova and Dasha Sherman took their fellow filmmakers on a visual excursion to Görlitzer Park in Berlin where ex-drug dealers learn how to bake bread in the REFUGEE BAKERY. Tobias Müller introduced us to a man who travelled to space and came back with a new perspective of, basically, everything (OUT OF SPACE).

After a group discussion, all filmmakers were given individual feedback time with their mentor in which they determined milestones for the development phases of all five German film projects. Their first task is to prepare for the pitching event which will be held at the Joint Seminar in Tel Aviv during the Docaviv festival in Israel’s largest city.