Out Of Space

Floating upside down, 400 kilometers above the earth and therefore completely out of place, an astronaut lives the saddest moment: He sees how humanity put their fragile livelihood at risk.

Synopsis // An astronaut gazes out of a bull’s eye of the ISS, 400 kilometers down on our blue planet. He loves these relaxing moments that give him a break from the tight schedule on the space station. Until one day, he discovers beautiful light trails which he has never seen before. He realizes: these are bombs and missiles flying over Israel and Gaza. For him, this is the saddest moment in space. Shaking his head, he asks himself: “We call ourselves an intelligent species, but what if you see from above that we are destroying our fragile, finite surroundings and are killing each other? How do you explain that?”


Filmmakers’ bios // Tobias Müller (director, sound, cinematography) was born in Germany in 1979. He studied film directing at the Escuela Internacional de Cine in Cuba and the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Germany. He received a scholarship from Markelstiftung in 2007. In 2006, he honored with the Student German Human Rights Film Award, the Caligari Award and the Discovering Eye Award at the 2005 Chicago Film Festival for his documentary BÁNFFY CASTLE. MY REDEEMER LIVES was his graduate film, nominated for the First Steps Award. In 2012, Müller was on a scholarship of the NIPKOW PROGRAM for emerging European filmmakers. In 2013, he finished his film SON OF THE SOIL, in which he describes a father-son conflict on a little farm and the changing attitudes of two generations. In 2014, he founded the film distribution company TEICHOSKOP. In 2015, he was a temporary resident at the VILLA MASSIMO in Rome.

Born 1975 in Würzburg, Ben von Grafenstein has been living in Berlin since 2006. After studying filmmaking at Filmakademie Baden-Württemburg,
Ben von Grafenstein presented his diploma film BLINDFLUG (63min) at Berlinale Film Festival 2007 and several other national festivals. KASIMIR AND KAROLINE is his first feature length film. Aside from directing fiction films and commercials, Ben von Grafenstein works
as a film editor (amongst others: AYURVEDA – THE ART OF BEING a documentary
 by Pan Nalin and THE ALBANIAN by Johannes Naber).
 In 2009, he co-founded 45info.com, a company that produces interactive web clips.


program for filmmakers wishing to make an impact in our societies through the power of documentary films.zWe invite 20 filmmakers from Israel and Germany to develop and produce 10 short documentary films (7-10 minutes).