Moonlight Princess

Nadine’s body cannot protect her from the sun but it will help her to fulfill her biggest dream: to become an actress – despite her albinism…

Synopsis // Nadine is caught in a body whose skin cannot protect her from the outside world but is merely a thin and vulnerable membrane: She is a young woman suffering from albinism. Her worst enemy is the sun. Her vision is impaired, she can only see 8 % and is suffering from a nystagmus, which means that her eyes are flickering constantly. “With these eyes, you will never infatuate anyone”, is a sentence often heard by Nadine. But her biggest dream is to become an actress and be whoever she wants on stage. The film is an audiovisual journey through her experience in which dreams and reality merge in her own world, like a summer night’s dream. We live through her every day life, her fight for being accepted with her art – and for the love of a certain young man.


Filmmakers’ bios // Elke Margarete Lehrenkrauss (director), born in 1979, dedicates her work to documentary film and photography. In 2012, she graduated with distinction from the KHM Kunsthochschule für Medien. Her diploma film ROMANZE O.T. premiered at the DOK.Leipzig festival in 2013. In 2003, she received her diploma in Video Arts from the Hochschule für Kunst und Gestaltung Luzern (CH). In 2000, she earned her pre diploma in architecture in Hanover. In 2008, she spent one year at the film school EICTV in Cuba, was a fellow of Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes until 2010 and won the Award for New Media in Switzerland in 2003. From January until June 2014, Elke Lehrenkrauss was a «cast&cut» resident in Hanover, invited by the normedia funding institution. She lives and works in Lower Saxony and Berlin. Currently, she is working on her two long films REVOLUTION SISTERS and LOVEMOBIL.

Christoph Rohrscheidt (cinematogrpahy) is a Hamburg based freelance cinematographer. He worked as a 1st AC in Leipzig for several years before studying cinematography at the film university Babelsberg in Potsdam. Parallel to his studies he worked on two feature-length documentaries for german national television, broadcast in France, Austria, Switzerland and Germany (e.g. VOLKSVERTRETER which was nominated for Grimmepreis in 2014). Furthermore he worked in various fields and genres as DOP from commercials to drama. In 2015 he graduated with the short feature SOLEDAD, a family drama based in the slums of Buenos Aires. He is planning to finish his Master of Arts at the film university Babelsberg with the feature HINGABE (AT). Over the past two years Christoph has been working on his debut feature, a documentary created for cinema screening called LOVEMOBIL directed by Elke Lehrenkrauss.


OOP vision// “People with albinism form a minority which is very little discussed in the current media. Through OUT OF PLACE, we want to give these people a platform and a voice. For we can learn a lot from them, when we look at our world through their eyes.” (Elke Lehrenkrauss)