Hilton Ground floor

Hilton Tel Aviv offers its guests a luxurious experience. On the hotel’s ground floor, however, Shintiyan, a refugee from Congo, is washing the dishes.

Synopsis // Hilton Tel Aviv offers its guests a perfect setting for their vacation, from a luxurious lobby to pampering sea-view rooms. For that to happen, behind the scenes there are hundreds of workers, most of them immigrants from different countries. Down in the kitchen, Shintiyan, a young woman refugee from Congo, is working as a dishwasher. With her strong character, natural optimism and sense of humor she lights up the ground floor.



Filmmakers’ bios // Or Sinai (director, editor) is a graduate of The Sam Spiegel Film & TV School 2013 and also an alumni of the Berlinale Talents 2015. Writer and director of ANNA. (Short, fiction, 24 min.)
First prize Cinefondation in the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, First prize in the 2016 Tel-Aviv film festival, honorable mention at the 2016 Toronto film festival, Official Selection of the 2016 Melbourne film festival, 2016 Sarajevo film festival, 2016 Pancevo Film Festival, 2016 ISFVFBeijing, 2016 Early bird Sofia, 2016 Film school fest Munich, 2016 Cinemed film festival Montpellier, 2016 Rome independent film festival, 2016 Leeds film festival, 2016 Jewish film festival London, 2016 Israeli LA film festival, 2016 Tirana film festival Albania, 2016 Poitiers film festival France.
VIOLETA MI VIDA (50 min, documentary) in 2013 and TWO (15 min, fiction) in 2011. All three films tell stories about women from the outskirts of society and participated in international film festivals. As an editor, Or has worked on various Israeli TV shows, documentary films and short fiction films.

Yael Yakirevich (director, cinematography) graduated with honors from the Sam Spiegel Film & TV School in Jerusalem in 2013. She took part in several documentary features and short fiction films as a director or editor. Social diversity and feminist issues have a significant part in her films: Maria’s Day, documentary feature (WIP), Out Of Touch, short fiction (2013), The Magical Garden, short fiction (2011). The short films participated in international film festivals. She is studying for a BA in Sociology and Anthropology at Tel Aviv University.


OOP vision // “By bringing to the front the story of one woman, the one that we do not see in our vacations, we can shed some light on the ground floor of modern life.”