A Manifesto For The Un-Communal

A MANIFESTO FOR THE UN-COMMUNAL is a poem, a documentary, a video diary and a propaganda piece in praise of the outlandishly living.

Synopsis // Shot in Germany, Israel, Greece and Denmark, A MANIFESTO FOR THE UN-COMMUNAL is the convergence of the voices, the stories and the living landscapes of seven+ characters that live against the warming comfort of the self-righteousness of their herd. People undefined by their class, undefined by their education, revolting against any sense of state or non-state, polyglottes and polyfucked, traitors, un-marginalized and always out of the margin. Or, as Homer would put it, “the Lawless, those without Hearth or Clan” (Iliad, 9.63).


Filmmakers’ bios // Syllas Tzoumerkas (writer, director) was born in Thessaloniki. He directed short films and collaborated with various TV-documentary shows on episodes related to contemporary politics, 20th century history and literature. His first feature film HOMELAND, had its world premiere at the International Critics’ Week of the 2010 Venice Film Festival. His second feature, A BLAST, a Greek-German-Dutch-Italian co-production, had its world premiere at the International Competition of the Locarno Film Festival 2014. The film went on to screen in over 60 festivals and to be theatrically released in over 15 territories around the world. His next feature film project, THE MIRACLE OF THE SARGASSO SEA is currently in development.

Kathrin Dietzel (editor) was born in Hamburg. She works as a freelance editor for documentary and feature film in Berlin. Her film credits include Syllas Tzoumerkas’ feature A Blast (Locarno International Competition 2014), feature documentaries TIME WILL TELL by Andeas Voigt (Opening Film – DOK Leipzig 2015), LOST HORIZON: THE QUEST OF BOLIVIA’S NAVY by Robert Bohrer and Emma Rosa Simon (DOK.Leipzig 2013) and LA DEUTSCHE VITA by Alessandro Cassigoli (DOK.Leipzig 2013), as well as the short film UBER RAUHEM GRUND by Youdid Kahveci (2012) for which she received the Filmplus Young Talent Award for Editing. She is currently editing Florian Hoffmeister’s feature DIE HABENICHTSE (THE HAVE-NOTS), a German-English-French co-production based on the acclaimed novel by Katharina Hacker.


OOP vision // “I will speak about the ‘lawless, those without hearth or clan”. That’s what being out-of-place is: to have no law, to consider no place as home, to belong to no community. Ever sInce the times of Homer.” (Syllas Tzoumerkas)