OUT OF PLACE is an innovative film incubator that inspires and catalyzes social change, tolerance and inclusion through the amazing power of documentary film.


OUT OF PLACE inspires collaboration and intercultural dialogue between vastly different sectors of society.

The films that will be produced in this incubator will present different and diverse cinematic perspectives, tackling subject matters such as migration, minorities, discrimination and more. Our program is a tribute to those that remain displaced and “out of place” in our social collectives. OUT OF PLACE will give visual form to their personal stories and explore the rewards and adversities of day-to-day cooperation between different people living together.


Our first cohort of 20 filmmakers from Israel and Germany will develop and produce 10 short documentary films (7 to 10 minutes each). OUT OF PLACE will provide them with a comprehensive support system. Filmmakers will work closely with mentors, activists and grassroots communities and each film will be awarded a production grant.


Films will premiere at Israeli and German international film festivals and be screened at film festivals around the world.


OUT OF PLACE is a first-of-its-kind flagship initative of the Gesher Multicultural Film Fund in collaboration with the European Union, the Israeli production company GREENproductions, the German production company One Two Films, and the Israeli nonprofit organization ANU-Making Change.


Our team includes the visionary and founder of OUT OF PLACE and the CEO and Artistic Director of Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, Ziv Naveh, the curator of the project and well known Spanish director, Isabel Coixet, and our reputable mentors: Liran Atzmor, Bettina Blümner, Uli Gaulke and Suha Arraf.


Rough time frame

April 4, 2016 – Opening Session in Berlin

April 19, 2016 – Opening Session in Tel Aviv

May 2016 – Joint Seminar of all filmmakers and mentors during the Docaviv festival in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem / Project presentations

June 2016 – Official beginning of production phase: filming

July 2016 – Filming

Aug – Sept 2016 – Offline editing phase: individual projects

Sept 29, 2016 – Picture lock

Oct – Nov 2016 – Online editing phase: individual projects

Dec 2016 – Curation of the OUT OF PLACE long film

May 2017 – Israel Premiere at Docaviv 2017

About us

OUT OF PLACE is an initiative of the Gesher Multicultural Film Fund in collaboration with GREENproductions, ANU-Making Change (Israel) and One Two Films (Germany).

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This project has been made possible thanks to the generosity of the European Union.

The Gesher Multicultural Film Fund is a unique fund in the landscape of filmmaking in Israel, which specializes and devotes all its activities and resources to advance the development, production and distribution of films relating to critical social issues in the Israeli and universal discourse (such as attitude towards immigrants, social justice, the center versus periphery and minority) as well as films and cinema programs that open a door to get acquainted with heroes and social groups who are placed outside of the cultural center.

Films supported by the GMFF have been viewed throughout the world and are screened in the official competitions of the most celebrated international film festivals, and have been nominated for and won prestigious awards.

GREENproductions is owned by producers Roi Kurland and Gal Greenspan and was formed in 2009. The company includes two divisions; one specializing in producing commercials for network television and the internet, as well as promotional videos for big companies in the Israeli market. The other focuses on producing feature films and television dramas for international audiences, in collaboration with the country’s leading directors. GREENproductions brings its knowledge, understanding and experience as filmmakers to its commercial spots.

One Two Films was founded in 2010 by Sol Bondy, Jamila Wenske and Christoph Lange in Berlin. Our focus is feature films for the international market. The films are divided into director- and producer driven projects.

In the last 5 years, we completed 5 feature films: the Max Ophüls’ audience award winner, PUPPE, ICKE & DER DICKE (DOLL, THE FATSO & ME) by Felix Stienz, the Israeli-German coproduction YOUTH by Tom Shoval, which premiered at Berlinale 2013, WHISPERS BEHIND THE WALL by Grzegorz Muskala, the Danish-German co-production I AM HERE starring Kim Basinger, and finally the Indian-German co-production ANGRY INDIAN GODDESSES by Pan Nalin, which won Audience Awards in Rome and Toronto and has been sold to over 60 countries. In 2016, the Finnish-German-Swedish co-production THE HAPPIEST DAY IN THE LIFE OF OLLI MÄKI will premiere at Un Certain Regard in Cannes.

ANU is the most powerful platform for social activism in Israel. With a growing community of 70,000 members, ANU runs campaigns targeting Israel’s most pressing social issues. Its vision is a vibrant democracy where civil society is empowered and where Israelis have faith in their own ability to make an impact.